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What Is The Difference Between Hair Restoration For Men And Women

What Is The Difference Between Hair Restoration For Men And Women

Most people don’t realize this but the number one cause of hair loss affects both men and women. Androgenic alopecia is a genetic medical condition that causes the hair follicles to stop producing Keratin. Keratin is the material that hair shafts are made of and as the follicles stop producing it the hairs get thinner and thinner until they can not support themselves any more. At this point they break off and fall out of the scalp.

The main difference between men’s hair restoration and women’s is how the hair loss is expressed. When men suffer from this problem it is commonly called male pattern baldness. This is because men usually lose their hair in a set pattern. The loss either starts above the forehead with this problem being called a receding hair line. Or, the loss is localized at the crown or vertex of the head.

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This is known as a classic bald spot. Men will hardly ever lose hair at the posterior or back of the scalp which makes hair implantation a very good alternative. The hair restoration surgeon can transplant growing hair follicles from this rear portion of the scalp to the bald area and the patient can enjoy a full head of hair again.

Women, on the other hand, tend to have thinning problems over their entire scalp as opposed to only in set patterns like men. This means the standard hair transplantation method is not useful for female hair restoration. Instead, women’s only options have been to wear a wig or use a product like with the FDA approved drug Minoxidil as an active ingredient. Both of these are less than perfect solutions.

A new hair transplantation method for women, known as Follicular Unit Extraction, has been utilized to transplant body hairs to the scalp as filler. Although the texture of the body hairs does not generally match the scalp hair, these implanted hairs work well as fillers to give the women more body in her hair.

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