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Quality Makeup Brushes

Quality makeup brushes are an essential tool. If you are new to mineral makeup be sure to not overlook the importance of purchasing high quality makeup brushes. Mineral makeup is a wonderful, light and easy to use makeup line. It is leading a makeup revolution of sorts in the industry. The Bare Minerals makeup line from Bare Escentuals, of television infomercials fame, is the leader in the industry.

More and more women are finding that simply applying a light power on their face is equivalents to liquid foundation. Liquid foundation can appear uneven, blotchy and messy. It’s common to stain carpet and clothing with liquid foundation. Fortunately, mineral makeup is a true solution for such annoying problems. However, applying minerals makeup with a low quality or cheap makeup brush is doing a disservice to yourself and the wonderful product of mineral makeup.

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If you have made to choice against natural brushes since they are typically made of some type of animal hair don’t despair. There are extremely high quality synthetic brushes also. Even the Bare Minerals concealer brush is a synthetic brush. Their foundation or face brush is a natural brush. Using less expensive or cheaper drug store brushes will lead to a host of problems.

First, you will find just having the brush touch your face may be aggravating. Those with sensitive skin are most vulnerable. Besides applying makeup should be a pleasant if not sensual experience and cheap makeup brushes can be irritating to the touch. By contrast, high quality brushes are gentle on the skin and feel luxurious when applied to the skin. It’s like have a short spa experience each morning as you apply makeup.

Another advantage is their life span. Cheaper makeup brushes tend to quickly break and come apart. This is costly as you are constantly replacing brushes. Quality makeup brushes on the other hand last a long time. The higher upfront investment is well worth it. Finally remember to care for your high quality makeup brushes by gently washing them with your shampoo and conditioner. With this routine, you will enjoy the benefits of quality makeup brushes for a long time.

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