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Liposuction Cost for Men

There are reasons why liposuction is popular for both female and male populations. For most male patients, the liposuction costs can be significantly different from a comparable procedure performed on a woman. That is due to the typical gender differences as well as the type of requests. The price of most plastic surgery procedures depend on the part of the body to be treated and that is one of the reasons for the differentiation between male and female liposuction patients.

No procedure is very cheap and this type of lipolysis prices can be anywhere between $2000-$7000 per area, and abdominal liposuction or liposculpture being the most costly while small areas such as chin liposuction will typically be more economical. At present many people in the market for affordable liposuction are going far away as for example the price for lipolysis treatment performed in Colombia will be up to 60% lower than for California liposuction or liposculpture.

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Up to now, figure contouring cosmetic surgical treatments as liposuction are often connected with the female population. But the truth is that it is becoming widespread for men to undergo lipo and many other kinds of figure shaping cosmetic surgeries. Seeing as a growing number of men are turning to this type of surgery to improve their physical appearance, liposculpture for men may well turn into an increasingly prevalent preference.

Liposculpture for men is more often than not a little more costly than any type of liposuction for females. Usually, there can be a few core reasons behind the price discrepancy. First of all, the fat cells occurring on the male figure will normally be harder than the fat found on women, this means that it is more complicated and time consuming for a doctor to take away. Besides, men commonly demand liposculpture or liposuction to parts of the torso that are normally more fibrous to begin from, as the chest and abdomen. Lastly, men are naturally normally larger than the majority of women, so men’s lipo will include the management of a larger part of the body than women’s liposculpture.

There are a number of parts of the figure that are common hot spots of fat removal procedures for men. Some of the most common requested areas to be treated include the abdominal and facial areas. Facial liposuction is quite popular among male patients because the face, along with the abdomen, is among the most difficult areas to lose fat. Many men have a difficult job reducing weight in these parts of the body despite their active lifestyle.

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