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The Best Eyeliner in Liquid Form

The Best Eyeliner in Liquid Form

Are you looking for the best eyeliner money can buy? Avon has an outstanding waterproof liquid eyeliner. The product’s inkwell design and pointed felt-tip applicator mean that you can control the width and intensity of the drawn line with ease. Once this sets to a satin finish, it wears incredibly well, and is waterproof enough to withstand moderate moisture. All four shades have a bit of shimmer, but it’s subtle so as to only add depth and dimension to your eye design, and it doesn’t flake a bit. Like most waterproof eye products, this one requires a good makeup remover to take it off.

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Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner also claims to be the best eyeliner on the market. This brand applies easily and the retractable pencil doesn’t require sharpening, which is always a nice feature. These glide so well you’ll need to be extra careful to not over-apply, and each slightly to moderately shiny shade sets to a fairly immovable finish. True to the name, this is a waterproof formula, though it does come off with a water-soluble cleanser. Twinkle & Shine Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner filled with teeny-tiny flecks of glitter.

The base of this liquid liner is clear and acts as an adhesive for the glitter, which is available in either silver or gold. The brush wand applicator applies with precision, but the formula is very wet and takes more time to dry than it should. Once set, it wears well. Over time, some of the glitter does flake off and so can get into your eyes, and everywhere else. As such, this product has the potential to seriously irritate your eyes and is suited only for costume parties or special effects makeup.

Always remember to approach with caution when it comes to shopping for any type of eyeliner. Most brands will advertise a smooth, powdery texture, but application might leave much to be desired if you don’t do your homework. As you apply most eyeliner colors, it may go on heavy in one place along the lash line and could become weak and choppy in others, so the result may be spotty and inconsistent unless you layer it carefully.

The problem is that layering helps even things out, but then causes the dry-finish formula to flake. Oddly, using a sponge tip on the opposite end to soften or smudge the line doesn’t help matters. As with anything, stay in tune with the experts and never stop learning.

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