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Choosing False Eyelashes and How to Grow Your Own Lashes Longer

Choosing False Eyelashes and How to Grow Your Own Lashes Longer

False eyelashes serve two purposes: to provide glamorous longer lashes for ladies who want more dramatic eyes, and to offer thicker natural-looking lashes for women who have fine, light blonde or really sparse lash hair.

The stick-on strips that are sold for a couple dollars in drug stores are more for kids and teens to have fun, but there are some serious high quality false eyelashes for women, which can be applied at home made by Ardell and other companies. For ladies who want to have semi-permanent lashes added in a salon the best brands of false eyelashes is Xtreme Lashes.

Basic false eyelashes (he DIY kind) can be adhered to the skin with strips or applied to existing lashes with glue. They should be removed at night, and are temporary accents not practical for regular use. False lash kits with everything needed for DIY application retail for under $10 and single hair sets can be bought for less.

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Professional false eyelashes are called eyelash extensions (like the Xtreme lashes mentioned above) and must be applied in a salon. They last up to a month without removal although it’s good to maintain them every four to six weeks.

Naturally Longer / Thicker Lashes from Latisse

If getting false eyelashes seems a bit dramatic, you may prefer to grow your own a bit longer. This takes time because the best hair growth products strengthen hair and follicles, condition lashes and stop breakage, and all this doesn’t happen overnight. Latisse solution is one of the best hair growth products that women are raving about. The Latisse hair growth solution must be used regularly.

How does it work? They’re eye drops that were designed to treat glaucoma but as an added bonus make lashes longer, stronger and darker. You don’t have to apply creams or goopy solutions on the lashes, just use the drops for a couple months. Yes, even the best hair growth products that really do work take time. Give it at least six to eight weeks to notice a difference. In the meantime, you can always have fun with cheap falsies.

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