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Why You Should Get A Chiropractic Check-Up

Why You Should Get A Chiropractic Check-Up

One of the most popular reasons that the general public will seek a consultation or evaluation with their doctor is because of some sort of health condition, concern or pain of some sort. It is no different for doctors of chiropractic. The most common reason; back pain relief. We will explore how this is not the only reason that you could have a chiropractic check-up. In fact, there was a national media buzz recently over how chiropractic care has been shown to help women with issues of infertility among many other health conditions.

Why the general public is still unaware of the many benefits of chiropractic care is a function of the education done by the profession itself. There is simply not as much public relations campaigns and efforts as you’ll see from the traditional medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry in our country. Add to this past boycotts and a lack of professional cooperation from medical doctors that ended with a lawsuit charging the American Medical Association with an aim to eliminate the chiropractic profession as ‘competition’ to their industry and you get a sense of the bigger problem. These issues are slowly becoming less of a problem as more and more people recognize the limitations of taking drugs in an attempt to be healthy and stay well.

You shouldn’t read this article as an attack or some complaint as to why chiropractic hasn’t been explained or presented to you more fully, it’s just an observation. The back pain image that chiropractors have is just the box that is currently limiting their scope. Many others experience migraine headache relief or freedom from their long-standing chronic pain only after experiencing gentle and effective chiropractic care. There are techniques and styles that are safe enough for newborn babies to elite, professional athletes.

What the doctor of chiropractic seeks to correct are distortions in your spine. Specifically, because of the way the spine relates with and is connected to your spinal cord, it is the place where great changes can be made to affect global health concerns. The central nervous system or master control system in your body consists of your brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord is anchored to the bones of your spine in specific areas.

With this, the chiropractor is able to affect how your body can adapt to stressors that are perceived through your nervous system that affect your health. The future will determine just how significant this relationship is between spinal distortion and adaptive capacities in our physiology.

Michael J. Funicello, D.C. writes and speaks widely about these topics of health and our bodies ability to be vibrantly well. As a chiropractor in Gilbert, he is able to educate the community about the innate healing capacities of the body to be abundantly healthy and well.