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Physicians Formula’s Matte Eyeshadow is Trending

Physicians Formula’s Matte Eyeshadow is Trending

Physician Formula’s Bright Collection Shimmery Quads Eye Shadow is identical to the matte eyeshadow collection, except with these sets all four shades have shine (which tends to stay in place, making these highly recommended if you prefer shiny eyeshadows). Otherwise, the same basic comments apply.

Matte Collection Quad Eye Shadow has some of the best neutral color combinations around, with a welcome silky texture and matte finish that applies and blends beautifully. There are only four quads available, but each is excellent, though each one does not have a suitable shade for eyeliner.

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Matching your matte eyeshadow to your eye color is not the way to showcase your eyes. All it does is put two similar colors in proximity, drawing attention away from what you’re using eyeshadow to emphasize. Enough said about that. In every other respect, unless you don’t want shine, these eyeshadows have a remarkably smooth texture and an even, flake-free application (unless you overdo it when using them wet).

Physician’s Formula typically produces outstanding powder eyeshadows, and Shimmer Strips continues the tradition. The offerings for Hazel and Brown eyes feature the best color combinations.

The Green group is good if you ignore or downplay the green shades, while Blue is the trickiest because blending blues and peaches with gray tends to produce a muddy yet pastel-looking result. Each set includes one shade dark enough to work as powder eyeliner, making these convenient, all-in-one options to shape and shade the eye.

Baked Collection Wet-Dry Eye Shadow offers three well-coordinated, shiny eyeshadows in one compact. Most of the trios have one darker shade to use as eyeliner, and these have smooth, dry textures that blend nicely and last, plus the shine doesn’t flake. True to the name, these may be applied wet or dry (most powder eyeshadows have this feature) with wet application intensifying the color and shiny finish. Watch out for Baked Spices—the orange tones aren’t the easiest to work with. Baked Sweets has the same issue with its colors.

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