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How to Lose Weight From Home

If you want to lose weight and you don’t have access to the gym or you prefer exercising without the use of a gym, you don’t have to worry that your at home workout will be less effective. You can do a workout form home that is just as effective as a gym workout. To help you get started, here are 10 such exercises.

  1. Running – Running is one of the best at home exercises that you can do. All you need is yourself, good running shoes and an adequate running space.
  2. Swimming – If you have a pool or you have access to one, put on your swim goggles and start doing some laps – it is a great low intensity exercise.
  3. Riding bike – Riding your bike will feel like so much fun that you forget that you are burning off some calories.
  4. Jumping rope – A jumping rope gives an excellent fat and calorie burning workout. Buy yourself one and start jumping today.
  5. Hiking – Make room in your weekends for a nature hike or two – it is great fun and it burns off calories.
  6. Circuit training – Create your own at home circuit with cardio and weight training stations. The cardio stations can include jumping jacks, running on the spot and boxer shuffle and the weight training stations can include lower body and upper body exercises like pushups and lunges.
  7. Weight training – One of the best fat and calorie burning exercises is weight training- it burns calories even in your sleep. The adjustable dumbbell system is the best way to train with weights.
  8. Pilates machines – Pilates is a great exercise, it tones your whole body, it makes you more flexible and it also strengthens you core. The aero Pilates cardio machine is the best one for beginners.
  9. At home exercise machines – Invest in an at home exercise machine (or two) and get fit in the comfort of your own home.
  10. Free exercise – Make sure that you get lots of free exercise in like walking your dog, taking the stairs instead of the lift and parking further away from the shops.

Pick an exercise or two from these and you will burn fat and lose some weight (if you do them regularly), aim to get about 3 exercise sessions in on a week and remember to warm up properly before hand and to stretch afterwards to avoid any injuries.