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Shaving Armpits Is An Important Part Of Hygiene

Shaving Armpits Is An Important Part Of Hygiene

To shave your armpits is an important step in the daily hygienic process. It keeps the sweat from building up under your arms. Also with the sweat will come the odor that most of us use deodorant to cover up, but sometimes deodorant is not enough and you will smell no mater what. This is why shaving armpits is very important.

How To Shave Your Armpits

Step one is to wash under your arms while you are in the shower to remove all the sweat and deodorant build up that is there. Step two is to apply either soap or shaving cream under the arms. This will help the razor that you use to glide smoothly across the skin and reduce the risk of getting a razor cut.

Step three is to gently shave from one side of your armpit to the other, then rinse of the blades with each pass to get rid of the shave cream or soap that has built up. This will ensure that the razor is working to the best of its abilities for armpit hair removal. Step four is to re wash under your arms and check to make sure you got all the hair.

If you do not like to shave you could always try a product like Nair. All you have to do is apply a small amount of the product under your arms and wait a few minutes, then it will simply wipe off and reveal a smooth surface. You can find this product at your local retail store for about four dollars.

Pros and Cons of Armpit Hair removal

There are many pros to removing the hair from your armpit on a regular basis. When you wear a tank top you will not be embarrassed to lift up your arms because the surface that people will see is smooth. Also it will cut down on the amount of odor that you will smell from that area of your body. The ony con that you will find is that you could cut yourself under the arm while you are shaving, but the cut will heal and go away after a short while.

Shaving under your arms is an important process that should be done at least once a week if not more. All that you will need to complete this task is a razor and some soap or shaving cream. All these items together will cost around five dollars or less, so why not start doing it today.