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Himalayan Goji as the New Super Fruit

Himalayan Goji as the New Super Fruit

The Himalayan goji has been in the spotlight for a considerable amount of time now when it comes to health and weight loss. This is because the goji fruit has been discovered to rank well among the most nutritious fruits that you can find all over the world. Compared to most berries, the goji fruit has the most minerals and vitamins that you can find.

About Himalayan Goji

You will find that the Himalayan goji is deep red in color and has an oblong or oval like shape. The size of this fruit is approximately the same as the size of grapes. A lot of people find the taste of these berries unique – it tastes like a cross between cranberry and cherry. A combination of sweet and sour that is very pleasant to the tongue.

When it comes to harvesting the fruit, it is best to shake off the goji berries from the vine instead of picking them off from the vine with your hands. This is because contact with the fruit while it is still attached to the vine would only lead to oxidation and would make the berries turn black and spoil. The fruits are being preserved and kept in shape by letting them dry slowly under the shade.

The Himalayan goji is also known in other places as wolfberry, boxthorn and Matrimony Vine. People consume the goji fruit in numerous ways so you can be assured that you will have a lot of options when it comes to inserting this super fruit in your diet.

Where to Get Himalayan Goji

Goji berries grow in abundance in the regions of Tibet and Mongolia and Western China. You can find them growing in evergreen bushes and long thorny vines. The Chinese in particular have been very fond of using the fruit and have treated it as the key to having long life.

A special focus however has been given to the goji fruit that can be found in the Himalayas. It has been said that the best goji berries of high quality are the Himalayan goji. This is because they have grown on remote valleys and ancient soils that these plants were never exposed to any form of pollution and had grown fully without the influence of pesticide.

But keep in mind that no matter where the goji berries are grown they will always have the same health benefits and the power to help you in your weight loss goals.