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Points To Consider Before Buying Hair Straighteners

Points To Consider Before Buying Hair Straighteners

If you need to buy yourself some hair straighteners, you may be a bit bewildered by the mountains of brands and models available. Before you start to shop and sort through the various features on offer, have a think about what you’ll want from your straighteners. Here are a few points for you to consider before you part with your cash.

What’s your hair type?

Your hair type can make a difference to the type of straighteners you’ll need. If you’ve got really curly, thick hair then the best hair straightener for you will have a good, hot maximum temperature to properly tame those curls and choosing straighteners with wide plates will allow you to straighten more hair at once, cutting down on styling time.

If you’ve got fine or damaged hair, it’s useful to look out for hair straighteners with adjustable heat settings so that you can use a cooler, less damaging setting as needed. If your hair’s really short or you have a fringe, look out for straighteners with extra narrow plates that will make straightening those fiddly sections of hair a lot easier.

Where will you use your straighteners?

If you travel a lot then it’s worth considering travel or cordless straighteners. Travel straighteners are often a lot slimmer and more compact, meaning they can be slipped easily into your suitcase or overnight bag. Buying cordless, rechargable straighteners is a great option if you can’t be sure you’ll have access to a power socket, but make you sure you check product reviews as these straighteners aren’t always as effective as mains powered models.

How do you style your hair?

OK, it’s obvious if you’re looking for hair straighteners that you want sleek, poker straight locks, but you may not want your hair straightening permanent. Do you like to vary it with waves and curls every so often? A lot of newer models of hair straighteners have curved edges, allowing you to create curls as easily as you can straighten.

Useful features

A really good safety feature to look out for is an automatic power cut-off that turns your straighteners off if they’re left on over a set amount of time. No more panicking half-way to work over whether you remembered to turn them off this morning!

It’s also always a good idea to pick hair straighteners with an adjustable temperature control so that you only ever get them as hot as you really need to, to save frazzling your hair. Temperature locking features are also really handy – stray fingers can accidentally hit the temperature controls as you style with some models, so this feature means you can be confident your straighteners stay on your chosen setting the whole time you straighten.

Top brands of hair straighteners can be pretty expensive, so keep these points in mind before you shop to make sure you pick up a pair that will suit your hair type and usage.