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Common Hair Transplant Options

Common Hair Transplant Options

Hair becomes more and more susceptible to changes. These changes come in the form of the weather, the products that we use, and the styles that we want for our hair. One factor of hair loss is due to the changes that modern-day people experience.

Along with these changes are the treatments available for us. We have a large variety of choices for curing hair loss or alopecia. There are topical solutions that can be rubbed on the scalp, oral medications that can be taken along with the topical solutions and surgery in the form of hair transplantation.

Common Hair Transplantation Options:

We will discuss two ways of hair transplants. It is important to know the types so that we can have a choice in treating our hair loss.

Follicular Unit Harvesting is one of the ways of treating hair loss. The process of follicular unit harvesting is by harvesting follicular units with 1 to 4 hairs and then punching them on the sites or areas of baldness. This process is very time consuming which is probably why it is more expensive than the next hair transplant procedure which will be discussed.

Strip Harvesting is the cheaper method of hair transplant. The method is done by extracting or cutting a strip of healthy hair (locations of healthy hair is usually found on the back and sides of the head), cutting them in smaller pieces and suturing them on the bald spots.

The procedures above are the common techniques used by surgeons nowadays. The results have proven to provide a natural look without any hint of the sutures or scalp trauma. The surgeon will be able to explain each procedure so that you can choose which treatment you would prefer.

Advancement in innovation and technology allows progress in research. If there is progress in research, there is a better chance of providing newer and better treatments or procedures using hair transplantation. We can only hope for the best treatment in the future.